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Spruces Events

Here at The Spruces, we try to offer a more relaxed and intimate approach to hosting weddings and other events. We supply the place, with sprawling lawns, stone walls, old-growth woods, and a little red barn. We have a bunch of stuff for you to use too, like furniture, lawn games, a safari-style tent lounge, stone fire pit with all the free kiln-dried firewood you can burn, a little bar cart, lots of historic charm, etc.

You color in the rest according to your dreams: food, entertainment, exactly what you want.

We use a tiered pricing approach based on guest count because that is the biggest indicator of event complexity, impact on the property, etc. This ensures that whether it's a homespun micro-wedding or a big production with lots of moving parts, we can approach each event as unique, with a mind to accommodating a range of budgets, plans, and visions. Let's Talk!

The Spruces Hudson Valley Events

For all event rentals, The Spruces includes...

Little Red Barn & Stables ~2,000 sqft

Three Acres of Open Lawns & Private Woods

Beergarden-style Picnic Tables & Benches

Lawn Furniture, Hammock, Tree Swings

Stone Fire Pit (with free kiln-dried firewood)

Safari-style Tent Cabin Lounge

Lawn Games: Croquet, Horseshoes, Badminton, Bocce, Cornhole

Plenty of Space for Large Tents and Support Vehicles

Limitless potential backdrops and scenes for any purpose

Private Events & Media Productions

The Spruces is available and probably perfect for you, especially if you're looking for something old, historic, charming, woodsy, not too expensive, pretty close to NYC, etc. Let's chat.

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